Bath Truffles

Bath Truffles

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Bath Truffles are  truly an incredible & luxurious product. So what even are bath truffles? Also known as bubble scoops, these ice cream imposters exist to do three main things:

💕To nourish and moisturize the skin with the amazing Shea and coco butter it has in it
💕To release amazing fragrances that can improve your mood and wellbeing
💕And the most important thing: to create a fun and luxurious bubble bath experience!

💕 Size: 2 ounce (Considered Medium)
**Sizing of ounces is based on the SIZE of the ice cream scoop I use to scoop them, NOT by weight**

💕Comes in packs of 3 inside eco friendly container. 

⛔️ NO Phthalates
⛔️ NO Parabens
🌱 Vegan
♻️ Zero Waste Packaging
🌎 Clean Scents (No harsh chemicals and always skin safe)

💕What you get: pack of 3 Bath Truffles

 Ingredients are baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar,SLSA, fragrance, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, and essential oils. 

💕 If allergic to any of these ingredients please DO NOT USE. Keep out of reach of children as they do look like food PLEASE DO NOT EAT I REPEAT DO NOT EAT!! Due to the oils it may cause slippery ness getting in & out of bath tub so be very careful. But enjoy your spa day..use sparingly as a spa treat.